In the United States, thousands upon thousands of accidents can be attributed to the consumption of alcohol.  All too often, people choose to drink and then drive vehicles, ride bikes or even operate boats.  When people consume alcohol, their coordination and ability to make decisions becomes impaired. For this reason, it is illegal to drink and then operate motor vehicles in the U.S.  Anytime people drink and then operate motor vehicles, they increase their chances of causing serious accidents which can lead to other people being injured or even killed.

Perhaps nothing is as negligent as consuming alcohol and then driving, biking or boating.  Alcohol related accidents occur with alarming frequency, which is why many states including Florida have adopted strict DUI laws. Once people have caused an alcohol related accident, these laws enable law enforcement to press criminal charges.  Aside from criminal consequences, people that cause alcohol related accidents may face civil action if they injure or kill other people.

According to U.S. personal injury laws, people who have been injured by the negligent actions of other people are allowed to file claims to collect monetary damages.  In order to file these claims, people must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their accidents were caused by other peoples’ negligence.  In cases involving alcohol consumption, it is not too difficult to prove that people were negligent and also very reckless.  Still, victims of alcohol related accidents are encouraged to work alongside an experienced personal injury attorney, such as the attorneys at Orner Law, LLC.

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