Attempted murder is a criminal offense that is committed when people attempt to murder another person. When people commit attempted murder, they do not just plan to kill other people, they actually try to carry out their crimes. People who attempt to kill have outright intentions of taking other peoples’ lives. For this reason, attempted murder is a very serious criminal offense that can lead to life-long legal penalties if people are convicted.

In the United States, murder is defined as the intentional killing of another person. Whenever attempted murder occurs, the person will deliberately and/or intentionally act with blatant disregard for human life. They will try to kill another person sometimes with malice and premeditation, which is violent, callous and reckless.

People who have been charged with attempted murder are truly in for the fight of their lives. If they are convicted, they may be sentenced with life imprisonment. Additionally, in some states, the death penalty applies. This means that an attempted murder conviction can result in a person being sentenced to death. Due to the fact that the legal consequences are so severe, it is important that people concentrate on fighting their criminal charges and avoiding conviction. The best way people can do this is by obtaining legal representation from a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Lawyer for Attempted Murder Charges in South Florida

For numerous years, the dedicated legal team at Orner Law, LLC has been helping people in South Florida fight their attempted murder charges. We take all violent crime charges very seriously and will always do everything we can to maintain our clients’ innocence.  After reviewing our clients’ cases, we are often able to negotiate reduced charges with prosecutors or even have charges dismissed if there isn’t sufficient evidence.

With offices in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Orner Law, LLC represents criminal defendants throughout South Florida.

People should know that attempted murder charges demand serious defense tactics.  If you have been charged with attempted murder in South Florida, contact a South Florida Attempted Murder Defense Attorney today at (561) 347-1336.