In the state of Florida, numerous people choose to take full advantage of the weather by taking their boats out on the ocean. However, what many of these people do not realize when they are boating is that there are Maritime Laws that they must adhere to.  Just like drivers of motor vehicles must follow traffic laws, so too must operators of water crafts like sail boats, yachts and jet skis.  When people do not follow the laws that are in place, they are very likely to cause a major boating accident which can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities.  If it is discovered that boating accidents were caused by negligence or by people disobeying Maritime Laws, the boat operators may be held liable.

The Jones Act

In the year 1920, the Jones Act (also known as the Merchant Marine Act) was drafted to protect seamen who had been injured during boating accidents. The Jones Act also protects interests within U.S. waters and ensures that the U.S. always has a set number of ships.

According to the Jones Act, any seamen that were injured on ships were protected by the law.  This Act applies to all types for ships, including: oil rigs, tug boats, tankers, riverboat casinos, ferries, merchant ships and other types of vessels.  Under the Jones Act, people who have been injured while aboard boats have the right to file claims to seek compensation for their injuries.

Boating Accident & Jones Act Attorney in South Florida

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