Whenever people suffer brain injuries, they can lose something very precious, their ability to think and function normally. It is a known fact that brain injuries are very serious and can lead to painful and permanent after effects. Some side effects of brain injuries are: loss of speech, loss of motor skills, ongoing headache, loss of memory, lack of balance, continual dizziness, continual nausea, mood changes, head, neck and shoulder pain and persistent weakness.

Brain injuries are usually caused by blunt trauma to the head. For this reason, many brain injuries occur during auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and also pedestrian accidents. Sometimes, accidents may lead to minor brain injuries, which people can recover from with time. Other times, accidents will lead to traumatic brain injuries, which may be permanent in nature. A traumatic brain injury can lead to extensive damage to the brain. Seeing our brains are responsible for regulating our bodily systems, people who suffer traumatic brain injuries may notice that they are no longer in control of their digestive, respiratory or reproductive systems.

As you can see, brain injuries are quite serious and can drastically change people’s quality of lives for years to come. For this reason, laws have been passed to protect those who have sustained brain injuries as a result of other people’s negligence. These laws fall under the area of personal injury and allow victims to file lawsuits to collect compensation from negligent parties.

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