The general definition of a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more parties to commit a wrongful act. This may include a written or oral agreement, or an agreement that is implied due to a party’s conduct. Civil conspiracy relates to an agreement between two or more parties to injure a third party in some way. As it occurs in a business setting, civil conspiracy may include two or more companies conspiring to take down a third company by limiting its supplies or business, defaming its products or by acting in another way that is related to unfair competition or antitrust violations.

An example of civil conspiracy as it may relate to business litigation may be as follows: XYZ Corporation claims it suffered financial losses due to actions on the part of 123 Company and 456 Company (a competitor of XYZ). XYZ Corporation may claim that 123 Company refused to purchase its supplies from XYZ Corporation due to an unlawful agreement or plan with 456 Company to harm XYZ Corporation. Accordingly, XYZ Corporation may seek financial compensation for the losses it has sustained as a result of this civil conspiracy.

Civil conspiracy may be closely related to unfair competition or antitrust violations, deceptive and unfair trade practices, tortious interference, monopolies, or other unlawful conduct on the part of businesses in Florida. Specific cases involving civil conspiracies will vary greatly depending on the unique situation, and it is even possible for a claim to be brought to federal court for an antitrust violation of this kind, resulting in the plaintiff seeking up to three times the financial damages sustained.

Business Litigation and Civil Conspiracies in South Florida

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