All throughout the South Florida construction is ongoing. In order to get jobs done, construction companies must employ thousands of workers who will face dangerous conditions every time they start working. The fact is, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Construction workers must deal with conditions that may be unsafe and even hazardous. Additionally, when a construction project is underway, people passing through the construction site may face dangers, also.

Due to the fact that construction is such a dangerous industry, owners of construction companies, contractors and project managers are supposed to do everything they can to ensure that their workers remain safe. They must also make sure that conditions are safe for people who may be walking by construction sites. Construction companies can promote safety and protect their employees by making sure all machinery is in working condition and free of defects, removing hazardous conditions and also telling employees when dangerous conditions exist by posting warning signs.

Anytime employers of construction workers fail to protect the safety of their workers or people passing by work sites, they may be held accountable if these people are injured during a construction accident. Once a construction accident occurs and people have been injured, the injured parties may choose to take legal action by filing personal injury claims. Aside from filing personal injury claims for negligence, construction workers may also request worker’s compensation benefits from their employers.

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