When your rights as a father are in question, you need a competent attorney at your side to vigorously defend your rights and represent your interests. You may be dealing with an issue involving child custody, child support, visitation, or paternity.  Although Florida’s family courts focus on shared parenting and joint custody, certain issues may arise that will place a father’s rights in question. In these situations, it is important that you have the legal counsel you need to reach a positive case outcome.

At Orner Law, LLC, we help fathers throughout South Florida with all types of family law issues, including establishing or disestablishing paternity, divorce, child custody, and more. We understand that you are most likely going through a difficult time that may be emotionally traumatic, expensive, and time consuming. We want to minimize all the negative consequences of your case and focus on how we can help you and your children face a brighter future.  Call today for your initial consultation with a South Florida fathers’ rights lawyer at our firm.


In the past, fathers’ rights were an issue not commonly addressed.  The mother typically got custody of the children in a divorce or was the court’s first choice for primary custody.  The best a father could hope for in most cases was the right to periodic visits with the children.  Today, the legal father of a child (including adopted children) is given the same rights and responsibilities as the mother. Rather than simply assuming that a child will be better off in his or her mother’s care, Florida law now recognizes that in most cases having both parents involved in a child’s life as much as possible is the best possible alternative. Most child psychologists now agree that the best time-sharing plan for a minor child of any age involves some shared custody arrangement in which the children can receive the emotional and financial support of both parents.  Such arrangements are also seen as a way to promote each parent’s feeling that he or she has an active role in the children’s lives.

However, in all matters involving custody and visitation of a minor child (now referred to as “time sharing” in Florida), the best interests of the child are the court’s paramount consideration. Because of this, the court may still refuse to allow a parent time with his or her children if there is evidence that the parent cannot provide a safe environment for the child due to the presence of drug or alcohol abuse in the parent’s household, domestic violence, criminal activity or other hazards.


Unfortunately, while most parents do have the best interests of their children at heart, an angry parent can sometimes use his or her relationships with children as a way of “getting back” at a former (or soon to be former) spouse. This misconduct can take the form of interference with the other parent’s time sharing or attempting to “sabotage” the child’s relationship with the spouse by speaking negatively about him to, or her in the presence of, the children, especially those too young to appreciate the source of the parent’s anger. While judges always prefer to see parents resolve such problems outside of court, in appropriate cases, they can impose sanctions in order to compel the non-compliant parent to correct his or her behavior.


Cases involving parental rights to custody and visitation, paternity and support can be both legally complex and emotionally charged. With a lawyer from Orner Law, LLC at your side, you can be sure that your rights as a father will be well protected.

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