Manslaughter is a criminal offense that is committed when one person kills another person without malice. The only other crimes that are more serious than manslaughter are murder and homicide. When people commit manslaughter, they do not pre-meditate the killings, the killings happen spur of the moment.  Manslaughter is usually categorized as two types – voluntary and involuntary.

When a person commits involuntary manslaughter, the killing will occur accidentally or during the commission of a non-felony crime. However, when a person commits voluntary manslaughter, the killing will usually occur during a quarrel or during the heat of passion. For example, if two spouses were having an altercation and it became violent, one spouse may kill the other in the heat of passion and it would be considered voluntary manslaughter, which is a greater offense than involuntary manslaughter.

No other crime is as serious as murder, homicide and manslaughter. Unlike other types of crimes, if people are convicted of manslaughter, they may have to spend the rest of their lives in jail. This can be devastating for people to endure, especially if they are not guilty or acted in the heat of the moment. The only way people can avoid harsh legal consequences, like life imprisonment, is by hiring an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to help them evade convictions.

Manslaughter Defense Lawyer in South Florida

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