Whenever a person is hired by a company or business, he or she will be asked to fill out and sign several pieces of paperwork.  One of those pieces of paperwork may be a non-compete agreement.  A non-compete agreement is technically a contract that is entered into by an employee and an employer.  Once an employee signs a non-compete agreement, the employee is essentially saying that he or she will not accept a job from a company that is considered to be a competitor of his or her current employer.   This contract will only last for a certain length of time.

In every state, the terms outlined in non-compete agreements and the laws governing these contracts will vary.  However, one thing remains relatively constant and that is the fact that companies are trying to protect themselves by having their employees sign agreements.  Companies know that once employees have signed non-compete agreements, they will be prohibited from sharing proprietary information with their employers’ competitors.  This will prevent competing companies from stealing customers, damaging employers and taking ideas.

It is very important for employees to know that once they have signed non-compete agreements, they will have to adhere to the agreements’ terms.  If they violate terms of the agreement, they may be subjected to legal action by their employers, which can be quite serious.

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