When a shareholder notices an abuse of power within a company, he or she has the right to demand that the situation is corrected. If the company does not comply and remedy the problem, the shareholder may then take legal action in the form of a shareholder derivative lawsuit.  The shareholder files this claim on behalf of the company in order to seek legal recourse to resolve the matter.

At Orner Law, LLC, we represent both shareholders and businesses throughout South Florida in shareholder derivative actions. With our over 35 years of legal experience and thorough dedication to our clients’ cases, we are able to seek positive case results even in the most complex cases. We welcome you to contact a South Florida derivative action lawyer at our firm to learn more about your legal rights and options in this matter.

South Florida Business Attorneys for Shareholder-Corporation Disputes

Shareholder derivative actions have the potential to be highly complex, and specific legal procedure must be followed in filing a suit of this nature.  An attorney at Orner Law, LLC can meet with you in discussing the exact process of first demanding that the company remedy the situation and then taking legal action if your demands are not met.  We can assist in full documentation of the claim as well as in determining whether you have the legal right to make the claim and demand action. We can assist shareholders in negotiation as well as court litigation in order to reach the best possible case resolution.

We also represent businesses in cases involving a shareholder derivative action.  The first step will be to assess the situation and determine whether the company wishes to uphold or contest the shareholder’s claim.  Depending on the viable choice in this matter, we can then take action against the responsible director, manager or other individual (if we choose to uphold the claim) or can defend your company’s interests and actions (if we choose to challenge the claim).

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