The Robinson-Patman Act is a statute passed in 1936 that amended Section 2 of the Clayton Act (passed in 1914), which was the first antitrust statute aimed at price discrimination. Price discrimination is the practice of charging different parties different prices for the same goods or services.  This is strictly prohibited in cases where it is carried out in an attempt to lessen competition, but is not prohibited in instances where a price may be reduced in good faith in an attempt to meet a client’s budget or keep up with the ever-changing economy.

The Robinson-Patman Act was created for the purpose of limiting the ability of large and powerful buyers from gaining price discounts and an unfair advantage or monopoly through the use of their buying power. By prohibiting sellers from selling comparable goods to different buyers at different prices, this act seeks to keep competition as fair as possible. The Robinson-Patman Act only applies in specific situations, involving sales of commodities of like grade and quality, only when more than one sale has occurred and at least one of these involved an interstate transaction (the goods physically crossed a state line.)

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