Actions carried out in an attempt to damage or destroy the reputation of a company’s products, goods or services may be considered “trade libel.”  A corporation, partnership, or other form of business may take legal action in situations involving defamation of its products or goods, in order to recover the financial losses they have suffered as a result of another party’s intentional conduct. Just as an individual may sue over a damaged reputation, a company may sue over slander or defamation of their products or services. Trade libel is often related to other matters of business tort, including unfair competition, tortious interference with contract rights, and other actions involving injury to a business.

Trade libel may be defined as false and disparaging statements regarding the quality of another company’s goods or services, which then results in financial damage to that party.  Additional terms which may be used to describe trade libel include: disparagement of goods or services, slander of goods, or injurious falsehood. Actions which may be considered trade libel include:

  • False and disparaging statements regarding the plaintiff’s character that are also therefore disparaging to his or her products or services
  • Statements directed only at the product or services
  • Statements that compare one product to another

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