Negligence may be simply defined as a failure to use or act with reasonable care. T his may occur when a person does something that a reasonably sensible person would not do or fails to do something that a reasonably sensible person would do, in the same or similar circumstances. There are different levels of responsibility or care with which a person should act in different situations.  For example, a doctor will be held to a much higher standard of conduct than a person who works in a different field or who is not performing highly technical procedures, such as a salesman or a person driving a car.  When negligence leads to the injury of another person, this may offer the victim grounds for a personal injury claim or lawsuit to seek financial compensation for the injuries he or she has sustained.

A South Florida personal injury attorney can talk to you about your legal options if you have suffered injury due to negligence.  By reviewing all of the issues related to your case and talking to you about your concerns, you can find out more about what can be done to hold the responsible party accountable.  This may be the driver of another vehicle in a car accident, a negligent doctor in a medical malpractice claim, a manufacturer in a product liability claim, or a property owner in a slip and fall accident.

South Florida Injury Lawyer – Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Claim

Proving negligence in a personal injury case may be difficult, particularly if the claim is highly technical in nature or involves a situation where fault is not entirely clear. A competent lawyer can employ thorough investigatory tactics and aggressive legal strategies to assess the matter and determine who or what party should be held accountable.

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