When a person is killed by the reckless actions or negligence of another person, it is called a wrongful death. Wrongful deaths are always unexpected and occur suddenly.  Many wrongful deaths happen during accidents, like auto accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents and even alcohol related accidents.  Once a person has been wrongfully killed, the loss can almost be too much for his or her family to bear. All at once, they will have to contend with numerous difficulties.  First, they will have to deal with their grief. Second, they will have to pay for funeral expenses and other types of costs.  Finally, they may suffer financial setbacks from lost contributed income.

Due to the fact the wrongful deaths are so costly for families, there are laws in place that allow families of wrongful death victims to file lawsuits against negligent parties. These lawsuits are referred to as wrongful death claims.  When families successfully file wrongful death claims, they may obtain compensation for: their lost loved one’s funeral expenses, their lost loved one’s hospital bills, lost contributed income, loss of companionship and also pain and suffering. These claims can only be filed by immediate family members, such as spouses, children and parents.

Lawyer for Wrongful Death Claims in South Florida

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