If you have been accused of stalking or related crimes, contact us today.

If you have been accused of stalking or related crimes, contact us today.

More and more of our communications and relationships happen electronically these days. From phone apps to websites, you can stay in touch with cross-country friends, make round-the-world business contacts, and expand your social circle locally with a few taps of your keyboard. One of the most ubiquitous changes to our social lives has been online dating, which allows you to meet other people searching for non-platonic relationships. The key to online dating, though, is to move it offline, which can be daunting with someone you’ve never before met. Here’s how to protect yourself as best as possible.

1. Avoid sharing personal details like your address or workplace until after you’ve met in person.
2. Don’t travel too far for a first meeting—investment at such an early stage should be minimal.
3. Trust your gut. Scammers target online daters. If something feels off about a profile, you can reverse image search photos to see if they’re stock images or stolen from another social media page. Signs of scammers are empty profiles, low amounts of pictures, and awkwardly worded messages.

For a first meeting, here are some safety tips:

1. Meet in a public place, like a coffee shop.
2. Avoid late night date times. Happy hour and midday coffee are good options.
3. Tell friends where you’re going and have a plan to check in.
4. Keep plans short so you have an escape route if necessary.

Online dating, while a great tool for today’s singles, has a dark side. If you’ve been exposed to a stalking charge or other harassment claims related to online dating, get legal help as soon as possible. The experienced criminal law team at the Boca Raton, Florida firm of Orner Law is available today for a consultation.