If you are being harassed by a cyberstalker, contact us today!

If you are being harassed by a cyberstalker, contact us today!

Stalking conjures up images of a shadowy figure skulking behind you in dark alleyways. But in today’s world of technology, stalking is a much more credible threat than most people know, and online activity can bleed into real life very easily. As the anonymity of the internet gives users the guts to harass and threaten openly, it’s easy to feel threatened.

However, it can be difficult to prove the credibility of these threats to authorities. Due to the amount of hot air that internet harassers usually spew, investigating every single rude comment would be a waste of time since so few have actual intent to follow through. In Florida, in order for authorities to investigate a stalker, you must be able to prove a credible threat of violence against you or your family. A simple “i hope u die” comment is not enough.

That said, those comments can be threatening in many ways and lead to much emotional distress on the part of the victim. There are a few ways to quell fears of real life retaliation. Know how to manipulate privacy settings on all social media sites, and cultivate your friends or followers lists carefully. Even with good privacy settings, avoid divulging personal information like your address. The farther from a business or social circle the network gets, the less information should be revealed.

If you’re being cyberstalked, before cutting off communication, clearly declare your wish for communication to stop. If it continues, contact relevant Internet Service Providers. Always have all communications, with authorities, websites, and the harasser, saved. Most cyberstalkers do not escalate to real life, but there is always a chance, so being prepared could save you trouble.

If you believe you are being cyberstalked and have grounds for a lawsuit, contact an experienced legal team today. The lawyers at the Boca Raton, Florida office of Orner Law are available for a consultation today.