I retained Orner Law LLC in a very acrimonious relationship with my physician, who obtained a domestic restraining order against me, and Mr. Orner’s firm was retained to defend against the inherently false allegations raised in the petition.  I must say that Mr. Orner was compassionate at all times, understanding and patient. As a result of the foregoing, coupled with Mr. Orner’s thorough analysis of my case, not only did he obtain a dismissal of the petition, but he obtained compensation. I would, without hesitation, endorse Mr. Orner’s firm to anyone in a crisis, including divorce or any other matter where tensions are high.  I am forever grateful for having hired Orner Law, specifically Mr. Orner to represent me.  I would without hesitation recommend Orner Law to anyone in times of a crises.  Howard Orner will immediately place you at ease and start working on your case without delay.  I was most surprised that he provided his home telephone number to his clients and insist that they call him in times of need.

JB Boca Raton, Fl

I had a real estate dispute with another agent which involved the organization known as FREC, a big client of mine and the buyer who was also the other agent involved who filed the claim. I had never used a lawyer before and was scared to death of the expense involved and the potential outcome.  I retained Mr. Orner and he crushed the other agent and the case was dismissed immediately with minimal expense. I will be forever grateful to him for his compassion and understanding of my case

TD Margate, FL

I have been a client of Mr. Orner for at least 15 years where he handled mostly all of my personal and business issues and I can state without any hesitation he is the best attorney I have ever used.  First, he is trustworthy, reliable, true to his word and fair. Second, he has succeeded in every matter he has handled for our business.  Third, when he represents us you feel that he takes it to heart.  Finally, he is extremely fair with his billing and invoices for legal services rendered.


Howard is an incredibly intelligent person and a GREAT Attorney to have on your side.  You certainly don’t want him to be on the other side of the table.  He is creative, detail oriented and competent.  He is probably the most aggressive and tenacious person I know, although he knows when to promote a settlement.  It is very useful in litigation. He has been our Lawyer for 10 years and won all our cases, regardless of if we were plaintiff (most of the times) or defendant.  Best of all, he has a sense of humor and acting skills that can cause you to laugh to tears, even in the most serious deposition.

Your truly, NG, CEO

Dear Mr. Orner,
“I have had many attorneys represent me over the course of my thirty year business career.  You and your firm have been the only ones who understand that with law and lawsuits comes stress.  Supporting your client, by preparing them for the realities associated with the legal system, sets you apart from those that only care about billable hours.  The compassion you’ve demonstrated for me as a client, along with the passion you exhibit as you calculate and prepare each case, remains the driver for me to continue to reach out to you for guidance as I continue to expand my business endeavors.  I remain grateful for your for seven years of unconditional support for me and my businesses. “

AC Boca Raton, FL

A Gentleman and a Scholar this is the phrase that immediately comes to mind whenever I think of Orner Law, LLC. Ethical, sharp, thorough and knowledgeable in so many areas of law. I have not been disappointed with the outcome of any of my various business and personal legal issues that this firm has handled for me over the years.  Mr. S. Howard Orner leads a team which settles for nothing less than perception in a warm and caring environment.  Wishing you continued success with running a first class litigation boutique.

MD Tamarac, FL

You may not realize it but this year celebrates the fifteenth year anniversary since you started representing us and our company as our legal counsel.  Tammy and I just want to take a moment to express our appreciation for your professionalism, expertise and success in all these years with all of our personal and corporate legal matters.

While we have consulted with and worked with half a dozen of other attorneys, even in conjuction with you, none have been as approachable, understanding and supportive as you.  Not to mention that your professional legal advice has successfully guided us through the correct path of many legal issues and continues to be the reason that we always seek legal advice from you when any is needed.

As you know, we have recommended you through the years and will continue to speak of you highly to all our friends and family as we know that you will do right by them as you have done with us. We wish you continued success and the best of health.

Jose N. Pompano Beach, Florida

I retained Orner Law, L.L.C. in a very acrimonious custody case with my emotions running high and temper flaring. Mr. Orner immediately noticed my behavior and feelings where he immediately caused me to turn my feelings around. It was apparent that Mr. Orner knew from his experience that had I continued to maintain that level of emotion and hostiltiy it would have no doubt impacted on any potential scussess I could have possibly achieved. It is rare that anyone could have such an impact and cause me to change my emtional state. But, Mr. Orner was compassionate, genuine and most important honest while he looked me straight in the eye and persuaded me to change. Mr. Orner and his Associate, Michele Watt always treated me professionally and with the utmost respect as did all of the personnel staff in the office. I was also able to witness first hand the lagal maneuvering and kills and Ms. Watt in the courtroom and what I saw I intend to take with me and try to incorporate that style in my daily life. Ms. Watt and Mr. Orner have the gift of making everyone from Baliffs, Judicial Assistants, the Clerks and the Judge to feel special and I witnessed first hand their appreciation of being treated that way. This no doubt helped my case to reach the result that it did. All of my objectives that I discussed with Ms. Watt and Mr. Orner at the beginning of my case were met and I remain extrememly grateful at the way my case case turned out and rest assured, if in the future I have a need for legal representation, I will without any hesitation be knocking at their doors again for legal services.

Meir Genoune

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how wonderful your firm was throughout my divorce process.  Going through a divorce was something I never thought I would experience but had to go through anyway and Michele was able to make me feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

From the first time I spoke to Michele on the phone to the moment my divorce was finalized at the court house she was truly a pleasure to work with. She constantly kept me informed as to what was going on and what to expect. Michele was able to keep me focused on myself and what was best for me, but at the same time she always wanted to be very fair to everyone involved.

Michele is very professional and also has a wonderful personality. Your firm should feel very lucky and privileged to have Michele as part of your legal team.

Thank you for allowing her to handle my case and thank you for allowing me to meet such a wonderful human being that Michele truly is.