I want to divorce my spouse, but he or she isn’t going to agree.   What choices to I have?


If you do not want to face a lot of emotional arguing, let us help. Mediation is an excellent way to avoid an expensive or acrimonious trial and is often ordered by the Court for that reason. We can represent one client in a mediation or conduct a mediation between the parties.


What is the first step towards getting divorced?


If you meet the residency requirements and your marriage is irretrievably broken, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed which outlines any claims that you have for things like child support, timesharing with minor children, alimony, division of property and debts, etc. In general, the other party has to be served with the papers by a process server and then the requirements of various court rules and procedures come into effect. In addition, where children are involved, Florida law requires that the parties complete a mandatory parenting course prior to finalization of the divorce decree.

I don’t make enough money for my children’s lives to be remain the same. What can I do to help maintain their stability during the legal proceedings?


Florida divorce courts can order temporary child support, so that your kids receive the care they need while you wait for your divorce to become finalized. Your attorneys can help you figure out how to position your needs for temporary‑support and divorce hearings.

How long does a divorce take in Florida?


It depends on whether it is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce means that both spouses agree on child support, custody, visitation, division of property and debts, and alimony, if any. An uncontested divorce can take as little as four to five weeks. If the matter is contested — that is, the court must decide any of these issues — it can take six months or longer. In counties where the courts are extremely busy, it can easily take a year or more. The parties may also choose to avoid trial and settle their disputes at Mediation.



Experienced Representation in South Florida Divorces

At Orner Law, LLC, we are committed to providing the highest quality legal services in divorce and family law cases, delivered with respect and concern. We understand that when you seek legal advice about a family law issue, it may be the first time you’ve had to deal with the judicial system. We’ll work to reduce the anxiety of this sometimes intimidating process by explaining in plain an understandable language your rights, your obligations and our role in helping you navigate the challenges you and your family face. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in handling a wide range of family law matters, including child custody, child support, alimony, domestic violence, termination of alimony due to cohabitation, division of assets, modifications, annulment, visitation rights, domestic partnership and domestic violence injunctions. We are also thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in the special considerations relating to fathers’ rights.


We can also help resolve – or in some cases even prevent – disputes over property, support alimony and similar issues through the use of a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement structured to fit your specific circumstances and wishes. Additionally, if you – whether alone or with your spouse – are exploring adoption or step‑parent adoption, you can be confident knowing that we will go the distance for you.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may be of service. With offices in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Orner Law, LLC serves clients throughout South Florida. Contact a South Florida Divorce Attorney at our firm as soon as possible to schedule your free initial case evaluation by calling (561) 347‑1336.