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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business litigation?

Business litigation is a unique area of law that handles all matters related to business law.  Business litigation helps companies, corporations, partnerships and organizations mediate through disputes or conflicts in accordance with the law.  Within the realm of business litigation, there are several practice areas, such as contract litigation.

What is contract litigation?

Contract litigation is an area within business law that deals with written, legally binding agreements that are entered into by more than one party.  When people enter into contracts, they must adhere to the terms of the contract or else disputes may arise.  Anytime conflicts occur, contract litigation may be necessary, especially if conflicts involve intellectual property issues, copyright infringement or breach of contract.

What is a non-compete agreement?

A non-compete agreement is a type of contract that is entered into by an employee and hire or her employer.  When an employee signs a non-compete agreement, the employee agrees to not work for his or her competitor.  Companies often utilize non-compete agreements to protect themselves from having their competitors steal their customers or steal their ideas.

What do business litigation lawyers do?

Business litigation lawyers help solve all conflicts, disputes and legal issues surrounding business, from small privately owned companies to large public corporations.  Business litigation lawyers represent companies during torts, lawsuits, investigations, contract reviews, disputes and related matters.

Why should I hire a business litigation attorney?

If you are currently struggling with a business related legal matter, it is always to your advantage to work with a qualified business litigation attorney, such as the attorneys at Orner Law, LLC.  Often times, by working with a business litigation lawyer, companies are able to save themselves a great deal of time and money.  Additionally, when companies work with business lawyers, they are able to resolve matters more quickly and efficiently.

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